Mac's Snacks was founded in 1932 and since that time has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality, great-tasting pork rinds and pork cracklins.

The Management Team at Mac's has over 100 years combined experience in making tasty, crunchy treats. They supply their customers with the highest quality pork rinds and pork cracklins.

Mac's uses only the highest quality porkskin. They fry their products in premium oil for that satisfying crunch. Mac's uses attractive high color, high barrier, premium quality packaging. Inside the packaging are the mouth-watering flavors that you have come to love: Hot & Spicy, Bar-B-Que, Salt & Vinegar, Chili & Lime. Quality inside and outside the package guarantees that Mac's always supplies the best tasting pork rinds and pork cracklins. For these reasons, they are also the best selling brand.

Mac's maintains an aggressive, innovative viewpoint in regard to high speed, high tech packaging. They are sensitive to customer demands. The Mac's Snacks team stand ready to keep their lead in the expanding market of the snack food industry.

Mac's Pork Rinds

An uninformed consumer might ask: "How are Mac's Snacks superior to other brands?"

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