Mac's Pork Skins

Bag Sizes: oz, 1oz and 2.25oz Flavors: Plain, Red Hot, Salt & Vinegar, BarBQ and Salsa Lime.
Pork skins, our leading product, has an appealing texture and crunch with a delicious bacon taste. They are produced from pellets, which are cooked pork skins. The pellets are popped, producing this uniquely delicious snack.

Mac's Pork Cracklins

Bag Sizes: 2.5oz and 6oz Flavors: Plain, Hot & Spicy, Salt & Vinegar, Salsa Lime and Fat Back
Pork cracklins are another favorite with a hearty crunch and distinct bacon flavor. Similar to pork skins, they are produced from pellets, which are cooked pork skins. However, cracklin pellets are unmistakable in the fact that they are made from thicker and meatier raw material. By virtue of the fact they are popped from a denser pellet they are more substantial than pork rinds with a decisively robust crunch & flavor. Pork cracklins are a great addition to your deli section or meat department and can be packaged on deli trays or in bags to your choosing. Plain cracklins can be added to corn bread mixtures, stews and casseroles. Because this product is hard it retains consistency when cooked. A cracklin is soft when it breaks apart when squeezed between two fingers. The majority of competing cracklin products on the market are soft cracklins.


Mac's Rancheros Spicy Wheat Snack

Bag Sizes: 3.5oz
This is a very popular Hispanic wheat snack product. The flavoring is created from a con chile and limon spice from Mexico. The bag colors, graphics and spanish words (Duros de Harina) make this a very attractive package that draws attention.

Important Facts about Mac's Pork Rinds

Mac's Snacks, Inc. has been in the snack food business for 69 years; in fact Mac's was founded in 1932. This experience has enabled us to produce a premium quality product different from most manufacturers of pork rinds. Our pork skins and cracklins are from the select fresh pork rinds. We use no ham, neck skins, or pieces. Our processing method enables us to give our finishing product more flavor, in addition it adds a golden color and bacon taste. The true pork skin lover prefers these unique characteristics along with our crunchy knurlds.

Packaging - Bright colors attract customers to store fixtures and all the products displayed on these fixtures. Mac's packaging colors are bold, bright and shiny. These packages actually sparkle when light is reflecting from them. The main colors are red (hot), white (plain), yellow (plain), orange (BBQ) and green (salt & vinegar).

Nutrition - Mac's pork skins & cracklins offer superior nutrition compared to other snack foods. This product is very high in protein (63%) and has zero carbohydrates. Potato chips, corn chips, tortilla chips and cheese puffs contain low percentages of protein (less than 10%) and high percentages of carbohydrates (over 50%).

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